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Products that deliver results.

We aim to bring you innovative, unique products that deliver results - whether that's in safety, costs, or overall efficiency to your company. Our selective screening process means you will receive the best value with exceptional outcomes.

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Proxxi Band keeps workers safe around electricity. Always on, always aware, it notifies the wearer with haptic feedback when they get too close to an energized device and helps reinforce the limits of approach. This provides peace of mind and visibility through connected monitoring and insights into employee safety.



New to the market, the cbLift raises and lowers low- to medium-voltage circuit breakers from the rails of the switchgear. With a unique built-in workstation and turntable, the breaker can be serviced while on the lift, without leaving the device. This means reduced injuries with no man-handling of heavy breakers.

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For the first time, performance of industrial flares can be monitored directly, remotely, and autonomously. This patented technology removes significant uncertainties associated with flare performance, reduces expenses associated with flare monitoring  regulations, and minimizes compliance deviations.

Solution-Driven Results

Whether it's keeping you in compliance with safety and environmental regulations, or fine-tuning your processes to make you as efficient as possible, our services focus on solving your biggest challenges, not just treating the symptoms. 

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Process automation + Controls

Our automation and control teams have proven experience, from new system configuration, integration, startup, retrofits, and troubleshooting. We can support you at any phase of the system lifecycle.

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Incident Energy Analysis

With an Incident Energy Analysis, you will maximize employee safety by identifying incident energy hazards, the likelihood of an injury, and the mitigating protective measures needed