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Safely and easily inspect, test and repair circuit breakers

The cbLift raises and lowers low- to medium-voltage circuit breakers from the rails of the switchgear. With a unique built-in workstation and turntable, the breaker can be serviced while on the lift, without leaving the device. This means reduced injuries with no man-handling of heavy breakers.



Lifting heavy circuit breakers from their rails can be dangerous to personnel and equipment.

CB Lift allows for easy one-man installation of your circuit breakers.

Keep techs safe with hydraulic lifting, allowing them to pull the breaker up and off the rails.

CB Lift allows you to inspect, test, or repair right from the lift. Then return it to the rails without ever lifting the breaker yourself.


  • Outriggers for additional support

  • Removable/lockable 360-degree aluminum rotating work table

  • Adjustable for most circuit breakers

  • 2-year conditional warranty

  • 5”-60” lift height

  • 36” front to back profile

  • 800 lbs capacity

  • Locking wheels

  • Hydraulic raise & lower from rear or side